Operating Principles

Our Promise to You!


Account for every dollar, every quarter, every dime, every nickel, every penny

Every contribution to the Foundation should be properly accounted for to the last penny. There should absolutely be no doubt about where the money goes. We owe this to ourselves and to all others who contribute to our Foundation. In all matters, particularly in financial and monetary matters, this Foundation must be operated with utmost integrity. All transactions must be done honestly and honorably, as expected from a Foundation whose members trace their roots to the Philippine Military Academy.


Let every dollar count

Aside from accounting for every dollar, we need to ensure that every dollar is used wisely and judiciously. Endowment programs need to be developed that would serve the best and the highest interest of our chosen beneficiaries and redound to their maximum benefit and welfare.


Keep your eye on the ball; let no one dilute our goal

We are a non-profit, charitable, philanthropic organization and our goal is clear: to raise funds for the benefit of our chosen beneficiaries. Every member of the Foundation should stay focused on this goal, keep distractions to the minimum – or none at all. The Foundation should not be used for other purposes. We should resist and frustrate any attempt by anyone – inside or outside of the organization – to use the Foundation for personal gain, political, business, economic or otherwise.


Do things well and do them right

This Foundation should be committed to excellence, to doing things efficiently and effectively, members doing the best they can to pursue the Foundation’s goal. But things have to be done the right way and the right way is the moral way, the ethical way. Hopefully, there should be no conflict between doing things well and doing them right, but should there be, our choice is clear: do it the right way, the ethical, the moral way should take precedence.


Build for the long haul

Let us build and develop, let us maintain and enhance for the long-term. This Foundation should be here to stay. Rome wasn’t built in a day; neither should this Foundation. But having built it, we should keep it standing for all time. We should build and sustain it so that whatever we do today will live long after we are gone.