The Five Strides of LEAP

Youth Scholarship Program

Under LEAP is a Youth Scholarship Program to provide financial support to selected scholars for tuition, books and other expenses needed for a college degree in any duly accredited institution of learning in the Philippines. Each year, the program will be supporting a set of scholars selected on the basis of financial need and academic qualifications.

The Youth Scholarship Program is the core but by no means the only component of LEAP. Stride by stride with it are the other four programs to be undertaken in support of and to ensure LEAP’s future success.

Faculty Development

A program to help maintain a high standard of academic excellence, dedication, commitment and motivation of teachers.

Facility Improvement

A program to improve the physical environment of the school as a whole, the students’ classrooms and the working conditions of the Faculty and administrative staff, in particular.

Teaching Aids Improvement

A program to contribute towards the modernization of school equipment and tools of learning.

Leadership Development & Placement

A program to incorporate students into existing youth leadership development of the community.