By Dan Quixote

DJLF is at the cusp of adulthood. Eighteen years have passed since a vision to pay forward materialized. From the excitement and frenzy of trying to guess the DOW’s closing numbers at every quarter’s end, the march of scholars graduating from four year college courses triggered what seems to be a doldrum, an indifference if you may, from those who swore by DJLF’s aim. Why?

A number of reasons (I will refuse to call them excuses) present themselves. Could it be donor fatigue? That generosity’s well has dried? Could it be the disconnect between those who give and those who receive even with the imposition of monthly reports from the scholars? Could it be the lack of communication from the leadership to the stakeholders about plans, fund disbursement even problems and difficulties? That after all is said and done, we are all in this together? Could it be the mantra that we profess and live by – “pay forward” has not taken root from those who benefited from such?

Marriage vows get renewed not only to publicly declared that love never dies. They affirm what the couples’ promised to themselves and to God. And such reaffirmations are made through challenges and problems and disagreements and fights.

Perhaps it is time to make our own reaffirmations.
That yes, to pay forward is the best tribute we can offer our youth, our country and most, the Alma Mater we most revere.
That we can soldier through the difficulties of DJLF’s growing-up years because we must.
That our youthful idealism regardless of our age will never fade.
That with unsurpassed determination and that plebe mentality of never giving up, we will pass on the value of nation building, one student at a time.
That in our brief lives, we can look back to what we did and believed asking nothing in return.
Perhaps it is time to revisit what we are all about. 
Lesser men have done more.

Fools are we, still?

Yes, sir. WE ARE!