Section V – Special Features

Fools Are We, Still?

DJLF is at the cusp of adulthood. Eighteen years have passed since a vision to pay forward materialized. From the excitement and frenzy of trying to guess the DOW’s closing numbers at every quarter’s end, the march of scholars graduating from four year college courses triggered what seems to be a doldrum, an indifference if you may, from those who swore by DJLF’s aim. Why?

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Study Now Pay Later Fund for LEAP Scholars

Accessibility of funds to LEAP Scholars is a matter that has engaged and occupied our attention for some time, given that the DJLF-LEAP Scholarship only provides financial support for tuition textbooks. There are other expenses, during and even after their schooling, that they and their families cannot provide in times of need and for which they must borrow from others. On most if not all occasions, they are constrained to borrow from private lenders who charge high interest.

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