Section III – Organization & Governance

DJLF-LEAP Organizational Structure

In 2016, DJLF implemented a new governance structure to rationalize and streamline its operations across two different geographical areas. While the operations of each region remain largely independent and run by its Chairman and the Board of Directors, the central governing body, DJLF-LEAP Board of Governors, has been formed to provide the strategic direction in achieving a common vision.

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DJLF’s 2016 Reorganization & Revitalization Initiative

In Academy-speak, the phrase connotes a reset, an effort to go back to where things were working and rethink what can be done to make things better from that point forward.
On 11 February 2016, Dan Perico, Harold Ochoco and myself coincidentally were all in the Philippines. So they met with the Founder of DJLF, Winston Arpon fondly called El Ninong and Jake Duller in Makati City.
Astrologers will call it a convergence of the “usual suspects.” However, being that I am more a historical person than a wizard, I call this historical moment The DJLF Summit of 2016.

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The New Communications Strategy for DJLF-LEAP

The relocation of then Chairman (El Ninong), DJLF Charity Foundation (DCF) to the Philippines, the creation of the DJLF Charity Philippines, Inc (DCPI) in 2012 and the growing problem on communications prompted a campaign to revitalize the organization in order to continue its commitment to our students in the country. The geographical distance of the Chairman in overseeing DJLF and his own evaluation of the organization led him to embark with his self-inspired “back to the slope” coup, a famous PMA Tactics Group orders or command to the Cadet Corps AFP, when the cadets are not at its best.

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