Section II – The Living Past

History of DJLF

How it began as a fun club at the turn of the century, conceptualized by five; metamorphosed into a serious organization, embraced initially by 55, all committed to an advocacy. A look back to that beginning in 1999, tracing its growth and progress through the years up to the current “Foundation Year.”

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Operating Principles

Five basic principles DJLF has espoused and lived by over the years to guarantee transparency to all of its stakeholders and to ensure the sustainability of its advocacy for maximum benefit to its beneficiaries.

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Roll Call: DJLF Members

They call themselves DJLFools and have adopted fool-ish monikers, for their common notion that by joining and committing themselves to DJLF and its challenging cause, they virtually became an embodiment of Alexander Pope’s “fool rush(ing) in where angels fear to tread.” They belong to either of these three categories: 55 FMs, Founding Members, that signed and ratified the Bylaws of DJLF Charity Foundation, Ltd; PFMs, Post-Foundation Members, who joined after DCF’s incorporation; and members of DJLF Charity Philippines, Inc.

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In Memoriam

These members remain in the roster of members but won’t be answering our Roll Call, now and nevermore. For sadly, they have left their fellow DJLFools for the Great Beyond.

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