Section I – DJLF-LEAP 2016


No, those eyes of yours are not deceiving you. This, indeed, is an Annual Report from the Board of Governors whose provenance will become clear later in this report. I am submitting this on behalf of the Board, in my capacity as Chairman, and as in years past, it forms part – the first part in fact – of our annual publication, The LEAP-YEAH! 2016.

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2016 DJLF-LEAP Consolidated Financial Status

The DJLF-LEAP is composed of two entities namely, the DJLF-Charity Foundation (USA) which is incorporated in the State of Virginia, USA and the DJLF Charity Philippines, Inc. which is incorporated in the Philippines. The organizations’ consolidated financial statements have been prepared in compliance with generally accepted financial reporting standards, and as stipulated by the by-laws of the two entities . Where necessary, accounting policies and financial data have been aligned and rationalized to simplify dissemination. As noted, the dollar-to-peso conversion reflects the current exchange rate at the time the report was submitted.

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Roll Call: The LEAP Scholars

Presenting the 59 LEAP Scholars, past and present (from 2005 to 2016). They are the faces of hope, academically deserving but financially challenged youths! LEAP has made their dreams possible. Their success, however, will not be achieved without the help of our members, donors and partners. Dreamers, Doers… Together!

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