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The LEAP-Yeah!

Conceived in 2005 as an annual publication of DJLF Charity Foundation, “The LEAP-Yeah!” derives inspiration from “The SWORD”, a yearly publication of the Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).  As former cadets, most DJLF members were part of the CCAFP.

The LEAP-Yeah! easily call to mind DJLF’s pet project – the Loakan Educational Assistance Project (LEAP).  LEAP, in this sense, indicates movement and action, apt for DJLF’s official motto or battlecry: “Dreamers, Doers — Together!”  It is appropriate as well for what appears n the DJLF Website – No Mountain Too High to Climb – an article of faith, a leap of faith.

YEAH stands for Youth Education And Hope.  This, after all, is the focus of DJLF Charity Foundation’s commitment as a non-profit, charitable organization: investing in youth; helping them get a good education; and, ultimately giving them hope in life.  YEAH provides a positive connotation to “The LEAP” as a publication.

DJLF Charity Foundation marks its anniversary in December each year.  The LEAP-Yeah! serves as an annual report to the general membership, to its patrons and supporters as well.